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Take a Ross-Style Painting Class

CRI® = certified to teach Ross Landscape Method
CRFI® = certified to teach Ross Floral Method
CRWI® = certified to teach Ross Wildlife Method
CRPI® = certified to teach Ross Portrait Method

Cindy Lea Kelley, CRI, CRFI, CRWI
580 772-4241

Michael Kent Cravens, CRI 580 982-6056 (cell) Clayton
June Harris, CRI 405 598-3359 Tecumseh
Larry Caudill, CRI Geri Parmelee, CRI 206 406-4963 Norman
Gene Harper, CRI,CRFI,CRWI 405 627-6803 Shawnee
Donna Winklesky, CRI,CRFI Mustang 770 329-2246
John Palinsky CRI, CRFI, CRWI 405/691-4091 Oklahoma City
Anna Wilkins CRI,CRFI,CRWI,CRPI 405 659-7789 Blanchard
Marylou Cryer, CRI 316 648-9037 Guymon Guy Lozier, CRI 918-704-2888 Tulsa