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Joy Of Painting Flowers II

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The Joy of Painting Flowers II is 66 pages and contains 13 painting projects. The book consists of an Introduction that describes the painting supplies and how they are used, a To The Artist letter from Bob, and full-color, progressional photos for each painting. Also included is a Biography of the artist, Annette Kowalski.

1. Riot of Posies, 2. Midnight Iris, 3. White Gladiolus, 4. Roses in Roses, 5. Tropical Hibiscus, 6. Lilies and Mums, 7. Pink and White Azaleas, 8. Poinsettias in a Window, 9. Magenta Waterlily, 10. Guadalupe Roses, 11. Best Friends, 12. Chickadees, 13. Bob Ross Dutch Amaryllis

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