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Alizarin Crimson
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One of the most versatile of the Bob Ross colors is Alizarin Crimson.  It is frequently used in dark mountain mixtures for underpainting.  Perhaps most notable, however, are the stunning purple and lavender shades created with this color.
Bright Red
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Bright Red is a very powerful color and Bob’s customary color for signing his paintings.  It may also be mixed with the Yellows to achieve the dazzling “sparkler” highlights found in the foreground bushes of many of Bob’s paintings.
Cadmium Yellow
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The brightest of the three Bob Ross yellow colors, Cadmium Yellow is sometimes used to indicate the brilliant sunlight in the sky.  More typically, however, Cadmium Yellow is used in conjunction with the other Yellows and Sap Green to highlight trees, bushes and grassy areas.
Dark Sienna
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Dark Sienna, being the lighter of the two Bob Ross brown colors, is frequently used in a marbled mixture with Titanium White, to create highlights for cabins and trees.  The creative possibilities are countless!
Indian Yellow
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Indian Yellow is one of three Bob Ross yellow colors.  Occasionally Bob will use Indian Yellow to paint the sun in the sky of his painting.  It is also used to vary the yellow highlights of trees, bushes and grass.
Midnight Black
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Often used as a base color to block in the basic shapes of trees and bushes, Midnight Black can also be mixed with White to create various shades of Gray.  The mixing of colors can be one of the most rewarding and fun parts of painting.
Mountain Mixture
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The new Bob Ross Mountain Mixture color is used for underpainting trees and bushes, ground area and, of course, mountains.  A real timesaver often used to replace mixtures of Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Blue, Prussian Blue, Van Dyke Brown, etc.  Pre-mixed to get you to the fun part quicker!
Phthalo Blue
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Phthalo Blue is a very strong color, most commonly used to paint skies and water.  Also great for snowy highlights!
Phthalo Green
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Phthalo Green is an almost fluorescent green color.  Because of its transparent quality, it can be used atop Black Gesso to create gorgeous effects, including those found in Bob’s “northern lights” paintings.
Prussian Blue
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Darker than Phthalo Blue, Prussian Blue is often found in the skies of Bob’s frigid winter scenes.  Prussian Blue is also used to darken the corners of an otherwise Phthalo Blue sky.  This effect is used to bring the viewer’s attention into the center of the painting.