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1 inch Landscape Brush
Our Price: $12.79

The 1” brush is one of the four large landscape brushes commonly used in the Bob Ross Wet-On-Wet Technique®.  It is used to apply Liquid White/Black/Clear, paint clouds, skies, water, mountains, trees, bushes and numerous other effects with surprising detail.
2 inch Soft Blender Brush
Our Price: $20.49

The 2” Blender Brush makes it possible now, as never before, to achieve all of those soft, delicate, subtle areas so often found in landscapes and seascapes:  skies with soft, wispy clouds, the misty areas at the base of mountains, background trees and waterfalls.  In seascapes, the 2” Blender is especially effective for blending the transparency or “eye” of the large wave.
#2 Script Liner Brush
Our Price: $8.49

These are special brushes made from natural bristles and shaped according to Bob's very precise specifications. Remember, ordinary or synthetic brushes are not the same and can't create the same beautiful effects these will.
Painter's Glove 4 oz
Our Price: $8.79

Apply this marvelously formulated lotion to your hands before you paint—make clean up a breeze when you’re done! It forms a smooth, rich barrier on your skin, then rinses away taking messy paint with it. 4 oz.
Ross 2in1Easel
Our Price: $339.99
Deal of the Day Price: $238.00
Savings: $101.99

As seen on the "Joy of Painting" TV series, Bob's easel is unique in every way. Four legged design allows for extra stability, the height and canvas "tilt" are fully adjustable. Spacious shelf holds brushes, paints and other tools (including the thinner bucket). Remove the head and use it as a table top easel! Clean white metal finish. (painting and materials pictured with easel not included)
Clamp-On Easel Light
Our Price: $71.95

NEW! Strong 3" clamp; Mounts onto most easels; 18" flexible arm; Aluminum reflector; Use up to 75 W. household bulb; Weight: 2 lbs. Perfect for the Bob Ross 2in1 Easel!
Ross Travel Easel
Our Price: $28.99
Deal of the Day Price: $21.75
Savings: $7.24

Such a handy little companion, the Bob Ross Travel Easel weighs just over one pound yet holds a standard-sized canvas! Light-weight, sturdy little easel packs up to the size of a textbook, ready for painting anytime, anywhere. Nonslip discs prevent movement, just right for the robust style of Bob Ross painting.
Ross Napoli Table Easel
Our Price: $60.99

New! Perfect for the Bob Ross Painting Technique!
Particularly well suited for the popular Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® because of the improved, essential non-slip rubberized feet! Overall dimensions 32"H x 13"W x 11"D. Maximum canvas size 27". Weight 2 lbs. Angle adjustment range 30 degrees.
Canvas 9"x12"
List Price: $67.44
Our Price: $37.53
Savings: $29.91

6/box, prestretched/double-primed
Canvas 12"x16"
List Price: $92.46
Our Price: $49.55
Savings: $42.91

6/box, prestretched/double-primed