Welcome to the Bob Ross Quiz! Test your knowledge of Television's Favorite Painter with these trivia questions below for April, then check back around May 5th to see how well you did. A new quiz will appear on May 1st ... Good luck!

Last month in March, hundreds of Bob Ross fans took the Bob Ross Trivia challenge, and 13% of you answered all the questions correctly! … (1) When painting Bob Ross evergreen trees, use just the ___ of the brush to begin adding small top branches. – Corner, (2) What is the purpose of Bob Ross’ Liquid White? – Make the canvas wet, (3) Which of the following physical characteristics is Bob Ross best known for around the world? – Fuzzy hair, (4) On the Bob Ross website, which of the following tools is not used in the ‘Mystic Mountain’ painting project? -- #6 Fan Brush

March Quiz Winners: Steve Belvin, Lynne Patterson, Toni Cox, Daniel Steele, CB Harris, Shelvy Harling, Mike Fields, Angel della Leonforte, Genevieve Gomez, Darlene Pabe, Eddie Ireland, Geraldine Berry, Sue Kennell, Steven Bromley, Clifford Connolly, Felix A Rodriguez, Matt Ward, Hunter Steele, Mario Perez, Joan Anello, Emma Bubbles, John Gustafson, Mildred Palaschak, Patty McKay, Luanne Lynch, Janet Bowser, Lenore Anderson, Mike Dobson, Earl Harriss, Derek Toigo, Marvin Theriot, Tabatha Cate, Carolyn Rischbieter, Susan Johns, Adrian Bishop, Dottie Odell, Carol Hickmann, Raymond Smith, Linda Ferguson, Kevin Swiecicki, Margie Huffman, Dee Sullivan, Eklu Degbor, Patty Weimer, Alice Muse, Sue Dashwood, Jim Boreth, Linda Parsons, Peter F Redendo Jr, Veronica Garrett, Beth Harris, Kachine Palmer, David Neal, Faith Cardo, Assto Bolduc, John Roden, Russell Griffith, Heather Smith, Thomas Dean, Dennis Steele, Rhondalyn Rednour, Bruce Johnson, Justin King, Tina Zarichniak, Isabelle Wilson, Patsy A Carlson, Richard Swank, Ben Nelsen, Margaret Tallon, Teddy Burkitt, Evan Brazunas, Tom Stagg, Sherri Orman, Greg Frazey, Jean Williams

This month's Quiz

Question 1: What is the name of Bob's favorite pocket squirrel?
Possible Answers:

Question 2: Complete the following "how-to" sentence: To paint a Bob Ross evergreen tree, begin by loading the fan brush to a ___ edge with a mixture of dark color.
Possible Answers:

Question 3: True or False: Bob Ross creates finishing touches and details in his paintings without the knife.
Possible Answers:

Question 4: Before he starts his painting, what does Bob Ross apply to the canvas to make it slick and wet?
Possible Answers:
   White Gesso
   White Glaze
   Glaze Gesso
   Liquid White
   Liquid Gesso

Question 5: Most of Bob's paintings are done on ... what?
Possible Answers:
   horizontal canvas
   vertical canvas

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