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Becoming a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI®, CRFI®, CRWI®, CRPI®) is so exciting! You’ll learn to paint, teach and promote yourself in the spirit of TV’s Number One Art Show The Joy of Painting®. Anyone can enter this program, you need only the desire to paint. Add to it an eagerness to teach others and you’re ready to begin the wonderful adventure to becoming part of this world-famous Bob Ross phenomenon.

Teaching the World to Paint ®

No previous painting or teaching experience is needed!

Learn to paint and teach the world's most popular painting method!

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“The success and fun I am having now as a certified landscape instructor is due to the wonderful instruction I received; lots of patience not only to me but to the other students in all three classes. We got great advise, words of encouragement and helpful suggestions too.” -- Judy P., North Carolina

“The certification classes are fantastic -- the painting time of my life. Painting with the Ross style has been a great addition to my life and has opened me up to many new friends and activities. I look forward to my next certification classes and have only a few left to complete. They are a great place to learn and to laugh and to grow.” -- Jay R., Minnesota

“When I went to my first class I didn’t think I could paint. The instructor was so patient telling the class every step. When I left at the end of the first week it was so nice to take the paintings home to show others that anyone can do it!” – Betty G., Missouri

“I can honestly say that the training I received was an experience I'll look back on with fond memories for years to come. The effort put forth by the teacher trainers to insure everyone in the class was comfortable with their painting skills and ability to teach was just great.” -- Larry K., Ohio

"The Landscape certification classes are wonderful - each week your confidence and ability in painting improve, which comes from an instructor with patience that helps you every step of the way. I learned so much and this knowledge has taken me to the next level in my painting and teaching skills." -- Shirley R., California

"Taking the certification classes has proven to be one of my better decisions. The classes were both challenging and exciting at the same time. After each session I was exhausted, yet hungry for more. I now find myself with a strong desire to share what I have learned with everyone I meet. I never expected the classes to have such a positive, motivating, and profound impact on my life. Thank you Bob Ross Inc.” – Jim L., Wisconsin

"When I started the CRI classes I had only painted one oil painting before. By the end of the 3-week course, I had become a professional artist and instructor. I sold two paintings in the first 2 weeks after I returned home and have a local art supply store wanting me to teach there. I am so grateful to the instructors I had. I will be returning to take the Floral certification class too. I met people who will be lifelong friends.” – Marsha T., Canada

"Great classes with a great instructor! The Ross wet-on-wet technique was taught with enthusiasm, patience, and expertise. I am looking forward to taking either Floral or Wildlife next year.” – Janet C., Kentucky

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