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Bob Ross Amaryllis

by Annette Kowalski


Bob Ross Brushes:
1" Landscape Brush
Floral Brush ¾"
Floral Brush ½"
Small Round Floral Brush
Liner Brush #2

Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors:
Cadmium Red Light
Cadmium Red Medium
Cadmium Yellow
Sap Green
Titanium White
Ultramarine Blue

Bob Ross Mediums:
Oil Paint Medium
Odorless Thinner

Other Supplies:
Bob Ross Disposable Paper Palette
Canvas 12x16, 16x20 or 18x24
Paint Thinner Cup (for cleaning brushes)
Painting Medium Cup
Soft Paper Towels or Facial Tissues (for cleaning brushes)

Canvas Preparation:

To transfer the Bob Ross amaryllis pattern to your canvas, use the small round floral brush with a very, very thin mixture of Oil Paint Medium and Ultramarine Blue to divide your canvas into twelve equal sections. Continue using the thinned Blue on the small round brush, to copy the pattern, square by square to your canvas.

Step 1

Carefully avoiding the flowers, use the 1” brush to add the background with shades of Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Turquoise, White and Yellow. You can also add tiny amounts of Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red Medium and Mauve, if desired. Be sure to add Oil Paint Medium as necessary to keep the colors soft and free-flowing.

Step 2

Add the dark amaryllis stem with the 1/2” brush and a dark mixture of Sap Green and Ultramarine Blue.

Step 3

Use the 3/4” brush to add the long tapered leaves with various mixtures of Blue, Green, Turquoise and White.

Step 4

Underpaint the bud with shades of Green, Blue, Turquoise and White. The calyx is Blue/Green.

Step 5

Underpaint the inside of the half-open flower with shades of Green, Blue, Turquoise and White. Allow the brush to pull in the background colors.

Step 6

Continue underpainting the half-open flower with shades of Green, Blue, Turquoise and White. Add a Green calyx. If desired, you can add a very small amount of Mauve to the lower petal.

Step 7

Underpaint the large flower, one petal at a time ...

Step 8

... with shades of Green, Blue, Turquoise and White.

Step 9

Highlight the petals with Titanium White, and the stem with Yellow. Add stamens with a thinned Green/Blue mixture. Stamen tips are a mixture of Red, Yellow and Green. Then sign each petal as Bob signed each of his paintings: use the liner brush with thinned Cadmium Red Light to edge the bud and petals. Finally, don’t forget to sign your Bob Ross floral masterpiece.

You are free to print this project from our website as long as it is for your personal painting use only and not for further copying or reproduction.