Baby Harp Seal

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Baby Harp Seal


Bob Ross Brushes:
Wildlife Bristle Brush ½"
Wildlife Detail Brush #2
Wildlife Eye Brush
Wildlife Finisher Brush #6
Wildlife Fur Brush
Floral Brush ½"
Landscape Brush 1"
Liner Brush #2

Bob Ross Oil Colors:
Midnight Black
Phthalo Blue
Titanium White

Bob Ross Soft Oil Colors:
Ivory Black
Indian Yellow
Transparent Black
Warm White

Bob Ross Supplies:
Liquid Black Acrylic
Liquid White Acrylic
Gray Gesso
Glazing Medium
Oil Paint Medium
Odorless Thinner
Canvas 12x16, 16x20 or 18x24

Other Supplies:
disposable paper palette for acrylic paints
foam brush applicator

Nice to Have:
Brush Cleaner/Conditioner
Thinner Container and Screen
Brush Beater Rack

General Wildlife Instructions:

I. Begin by reading the entire instructions for this project to familiarize yourself with the various techniques, brushes, Mediums and paints.

II. Use a foam applicator to cover the entire canvas with a thin, even coat of Gray Gesso and allow to dry completely. Then, transfer the seal pattern to the gray canvas.

III. Underpaint the Baby Seal and background with shades of Black, White and Gray acrylic.

IV. When the Baby Seal acrylic underpainting is dry, proceed by overpainting the background and Baby Seal with oil colors.

Part I. Underpainting the Baby Seal in Acrylics

Step 1.

Use the foam applicator to cover the entire canvas with a thin, even, coat of Gray Gesso and allow to dry completely. When the canvas is dry, transfer the seal pattern to the canvas.

To transfer the Baby Harp Seal pattern to your canvas, use a very, very thin mixture of Oil Paint Medium and Ultramarine Blue to divide your canvas into twelve equal sections. Continue using the thinned Blue to copy the pattern, square by square to your canvas.

Step 2.

Use the small wildlife brushes and and various shades of Black and White liquid acrylics to underpaint the Baby Seal's eyes.

Step 3.

When both eyes have been underpainted with with the liquid acrylics …

Step 4.

... underpaint his nose with Liquid Black Acrylic.

Step 5.

Use shades of liquid Black and White acrylics to add the seal mouth and muzzle.

Step 6.

Underpaint the background snow with the Wildlife Bristle brush and shades of Black and White liquid acrylics.

Step 7.

Continue by lightly underpainting the seal with shades of Black and White liquid acrylics.

Step 8.

To complete the Baby Harp Seal underpainting, add swirls of foreground snow with White liquid acrylic. The snow shadows with various shades of Black and White liquid acrylics.

When you're satisfied with your underpainting, clean your brushes well and put away your acrylic paints and get rid of the water for now the fun begins! Overpainting with oils!

II. Overpainting the Baby Seal with Oil Colors

Step 9.

Overpaint the Baby Seal's eyes with oil colors:

a. Apply a thin coat of Wildlife Glazing Medium to the eyes with the Finisher brush.

b. Add the reflected crescent with the Eye brush, a small amount of Wildlife Glazing Medium, Warm White and Prussian Blue.

c. Use the Eye brush with Glazing Medium to apply a mixture of Transparent Black, and Warm White to the secondary highlight. With a clean, dry Eye brush apply a small amount of Titanium White to create the primary highlight.

Step 10.

Carefully avoiding the Seal's eyes, use the 1" brush to apply a very small amount of Oil Paint Medium to the entire canvas. Then, use shades of Midnight Black, Titanium White and Phthalo Blue to overpaint the background snow ...

Step 11.

Use the painting knife and mixtures of Titanium White, Phthalo Blue and Midnight Black to texture the foreground snow drifts.

Note: At any time, if necessary, you can remove the background colors from the Baby Seal with a paint thinner dampened brush or soft cloth.

Step 12.

Use Warm White and the 1/2" floral brush to highlight the Seal. Seal shadow areas are Indian Yellow and Transparent Black.

Overpaint the Seal's nose and muzzle with Ivory Black, then use the fur brush to add wisps of white fur under his chin.

With a very thin mixture of Oil Paint Medium and Ivory Black on the liner brush, add the Baby's Seal's whiskers and eyebrows.

Your new Seal friend is waiting for a signature - your signature! Sign with the liner brush and thinned color of your choice.

You are free to print this project from our website as long as it is for your personal painting use only and not for further copying or reproduction.