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Take a Ross-Style Painting Class

CRI® = certified to teach Ross Landscape Method
CRFI® = certified to teach Ross Floral Method
CRWI® = certified to teach Ross Wildlife Method
CRPI® = certified to teach Ross Portrait Method

Stacey Sparrow CRI
978 503-9340
Christin Helen Barnett CRI,CRFI 508 381-0017 Mendon
James Gregory Kuzmeskus CRI 413 863-5556 Gill
Paul Dineen CRI 781 605-3499 Malden
Robert Owens CRI 413 458-3164 Williamstown
Gail Frigon CRFI 508 695-0325 North Attleboro
Sandra Buttry CRI,CRWI 978 388-8899 Amesbury
Carl Poole CRI 413 306-5822 W. Springfield
Sophie Breton CRFI 413 221-2067 Lennox (private lessons only)