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BS-081   Brush Strokes E-Issue 081
BS-082   Brush Strokes E-Issue 082
BS-083   Brush Strokes E-Issue 083
BS-084   Brush Strokes E-Issue 084
BS-085   Brush Strokes E-Issue 085
BS-086   Brush Strokes E-Issue 086
BS-087   Brush Strokes E-Issue 087
BS-088   Brush Strokes E-Issue 088
BS-089   Brush Strokes E-Issue 089
BS-090   Brush Strokes E-Issue 090
BS-091   Brush Strokes E-Issue 091
BS-092   Brush Strokes E-Issue 092
BS-093   Brush Strokes E-Issue 093
BS-094   Brush Strokes E-Issue 094
BS-095   Brush Strokes E-Issue 095
BS-096   Brush Strokes E-Issue 096
BS-097   Brush Strokes E-Issue 097
BS-098   Brush Strokes E-Issue 098
BS-099   Brush Strokes E-Issue 099
BS-100   Brush Strokes E-Issue 100
BS-101   Brush Strokes E-Issue 101
BS-102   Brush Strokes E-Issue 102
BS-103   Brush Strokes E-Issue 103
BS-104   Brush Strokes E-Issue 104
BS-105   Brush Strokes E-Issue 105
BS-106   Brush Strokes E-Issue 106
BS-107   Brush Strokes E-Issue 107
BS-108   Brush Strokes E-Issue 108
BS-109   Brush Strokes E-Issue 109
BS-110   Brush Strokes E-Issue 110
BS-111   Brush Strokes E-Issue 111
BS-112   Brush Strokes E-Issue 112
BS-113   Brush Strokes E-Issue 113
W1003   Burnt Sienna Poil 37ml
MR6716   Burnt Sienna, 1.25 oz.
W2403   Burnt Umber Acrylic 4oz
MR6714   Burnt Umber, 1.25 oz.
KP012   Cactus Flowers
W1007   Cad Red Light Poil 37ml
MR6702   Cadmium Orange (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
MR6701   Cadmium Red Light (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
MR6705   Cadmium Red Medium (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
CadmiumYellow   Cadmium Yellow
MR6703   Cadmium Yellow Light (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
MR6037   Cadmium Yellow, 1.25 oz.
KP024   Calla Lilies
C12   Canvas 12"x16"
C24   Canvas 12"x24"
C16   Canvas 16"x20"
C18   Canvas 18"x24"
C09   Canvas 9"x12"
CH   Canvas Hanger
CherryAcryFrame   Cherry Acrylic Frames
CEL   Clamp-On Easel Light
P060   Courtyard Window
DarkSienna   Dark Sienna
MR6001   Dark Sienna, 1.25 oz.
DD02   Dent 'Old Barn in Spring' DVD
DD08   Dent 'Old Covered Bridge' DVD
DD10   Dent 'Snowy Woods' DVD
D002   Dent Joy of Country Painting TV 2 DVD
BD08   Denton 'Day Lilies on Silk' DVD
R6341   Detail Brush #2
MR6721   Dusty Rose (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
WL018   Eagle
WL003   Elegant Giraffe
WL012   Elk
KP005   English Shrub Roses
R6340   Eye Brush
GF04   Feazle 'Pride of the Jungle' DVD
R6342   Finishing Brush #6
R6346   Finishing Brush #8
8827   Flip Clips
R6329   Floral Fan Brush #4
R6327   Floral Filbert Brush
R6285   Floral Paper Palette
MR6706   Flower Pink (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
BR1RD   Four Seasons: Fall DVD
BR1PD   Four Seasons: Spring DVD
BR1UD   Four Seasons: Summer DVD
BR1TD   Four Seasons: Winter DVD
KP002   Fuchsias
R6344   Fur Brush 1/2"
KP003   Geraniums
W45251   Gesso Foam Applicator
GJ004   GJ Magic Brush Of
KP027   Gladiolus
R6750   Glazing Medium
GoldFrames   Gold Frames
9430G12   Gold Frames - 12"x16"
9430G24   Gold Frames - 12"x24"
9430G16   Gold Frames - 16"x20"
9430G18   Gold Frames - 18"x24"
AG03   Golden 'Great Expectations' DVD
GRPR   Graphite Paper
750006257   Gray Gesso 500ML
R6440   Halfsize Round Brush
RCSM   Happy World T-Shirt Small
KP001   Hibiscus Cluster
KP026   Hollyhocks
BH02   Hopper 'Canvasbacks' DVD
WL009   Hungry Koala
IndianYellow   Indian Yellow
MR6070   Indian Yellow, 1.25 oz.
MR6718   Indian Yellow, Soft, 1.25 oz.
KP022   Iris
MR6707   Ivory Black (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
D102   Joy Of Country Painting II
PH004   Joy of Decorative Painting Book
GJ006   Joy Of Floral Painting
R001   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 01
R002   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 02
R004   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 04
R005   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 05
R008   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 08
R009   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 09
R010   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 10
R011   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 11
R012   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 12
R013   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 13
R014   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 14
R015   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 15
R016   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 16
R018   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 18
R019   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 19
R020   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 20
R022   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 22
R023   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 23
R026   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 26
R027   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 27
R028   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 28
R029   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 29
R030   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 30
R031   Joy Of Painting Book - Series 31
PD017   Joy of Painting E-Book Volume 17
PD024   Joy of Painting E-Book Volume 24
PD003   Joy of Painting E-Book Volume 3
AK100   Joy Of Painting Flowers
AK200   Joy Of Painting Flowers II
D114D   Joy Of Painting TV 1
D1014D   Joy Of Painting TV10
D1114D   Joy Of Painting TV11
D1214D   Joy Of Painting TV12
D1314D   Joy Of Painting TV13
D1414D   Joy Of Painting TV14
D1514D   Joy Of Painting TV15
D1614D   Joy Of Painting TV16
D1714D   Joy Of Painting TV17
D1814D   Joy Of Painting TV18
D1914D   Joy Of Painting TV19
D214D   Joy Of Painting TV2
D2014D   Joy Of Painting TV20
D2114D   Joy Of Painting TV21
D2214D   Joy Of Painting TV22
D2314D   Joy Of Painting TV23
D2414D   Joy Of Painting TV24
D2514D   Joy Of Painting TV25
D2614D   Joy Of Painting TV26
D2714D   Joy Of Painting TV27
D2814D   Joy Of Painting TV28
D2914D   Joy Of Painting TV29
D314D   Joy Of Painting TV3
D3014D   Joy Of Painting TV30
D3114D   Joy Of Painting TV31
D414D   Joy Of Painting TV4
D514D   Joy Of Painting TV5
D614D   Joy Of Painting TV6
D714D   Joy Of Painting TV7
D814D   Joy Of Painting TV8
D914D   Joy Of Painting TV9
WL017   Kentucky Warbler
RL03   Landry 'Late Evening' DVD
RL02   Landry 'West Wind' DVD
KP011   Large Pansies
P061   Late March Snow
WL005   Lion
R6752   Liquid Acrylic Black
750006751   Liquid Acrylic White, 100ml
750006227   Liquid Black 250ML
750006237   Liquid Clear 250ml
R6239   Liquid Opal, 8oz
R6214   Liquid White 16 oz
750006207   Liquid White 250ml
750006214   Liquid White 500ML
MR6720   Magenta (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
PH001   Magic of Dec Painting I Book
PH002   Magic of Dec Painting II Book
PH003   Magic of Dec Painting III Book
GJ005   Magic Of Floral PTG II
800M18   Mahogany Frame 18"x24" Limited Quantities!
CCFQ   Matte Print French Quarter, 9.5”x9.5”
MR6708   Mauve (Soft, 1.25 oz.)
MidnightBlack   Midnight Black
MR6004   Midnight Black, 1.25 oz.
RMLG   Midnight Blue Happy Happy Happy Trees - L
WL016   Midnight Owl
RP006   Midnight River
R200   More Joy of Painting
WL013   Mother & Baby Jag
MountainMixture   Mountain Mixture

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