Hosting a “Bob Ross” Event

Libraries, community centers, universities, galleries, art centers, and any other entity intending to host or are already hosting “Bob Ross” events (painting parties, Joy of Painting viewings, how-to classes, etc.) of any kind must use a Bob Ross Certified Instructor; this requirement replaces the otherwise customary public performance rights license fees you pay when utilizing copyrighted materials.

Bob Ross, Inc. (BRI) owns all intellectual property rights relating to the late artist Bob Ross, including his name, likeness, image, and voice, as well as books, pamphlets, instructional videos and DVDs from the popular television series “The Joy of Painting.”

BRI strictly controls the use of the Bob Ross® intellectual property by, for example, limiting its use for painting instructional events solely to licensed Certified Ross Instructors (CRI®).  The CRIs have undergone intensive training in the Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® and teach and demonstrate the approved technique exclusively with BRI-approved Bob Ross products. 

Because Bob Ross himself was extremely supportive of his certified instructors, it is BRI’s policy to require that a CRI® be actively involved in any event wishing to use the Bob Ross® intellectual property. By involving a CRI® your event will receive permission to display materials with Bob Ross’s name and likeness and show videos from “The Joy of Painting” television series, while supporting a local artist and business.

A CRI® can participate in events in a number of ways, from leading classes to showing the technique in a quick painting demonstration. You can find a list of Certified Ross Instructors by visiting: or

Contact them quickly about hosting your Bob Ross function.


Happy Painting!

Bob Ross Incorporated