Bob Ross 3-Hour Workshop

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Playable all regions/NTSC, super enhanced quality, quick-find menu, bonus footage! [Disk is multi-language: English, Spanish, German, Dutch]

The Bob Ross Three-Hour Workshop DVD is a MUST-HAVE! Our biggest seller, it includes:
Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Skies Brush Cleaning Applying Liquid White Basic Sky Clouds (1" Brush) Clouds (Fan Brush) Clouds (2" Brush) Bright Sky / Sun Sunset Sky / Dark Clouds

Chapter 3. Mountains Snow-Covered Ridged Desert (Fan Brush) Glacier

Chapter 4. Trees Evergreens (Fan Brush) Evergreens (1" and 2" Brush) Evergreen Trunks / Highlights Large Pine Tree Large Leaf Tree Group of Leaf Trees Large Trunks Foliage / Grassy Areas Small Trunks / Limbs Foliage Highlights Distant Trees Birch Tree Ocean Tree

Chapter 5. Water Reflections / Banks / Water Lines Bubbling Stream Waterfall / Rocky Cliff Ocean Water / Small Wave Large Waves

Chapter 6. Repairing í_í_íåHappy Accidentsí_í_Œ Sky Water Clouds Mountains Evergreens Reflections Evergreen Highlights Water Lines Large Evergreens Leaf Trees / Bushes Trunks Large Evergreen Highlights Leaf Tree / Bush Highlights Final Details